Be Creative. 

However you get your #WORKOUT in, whether it's outside or in a gym, running your own business (because you're a boss and making money takes work), and or bust'n it down with a few of your friends, we want to see how you make it JUMP, make it HOT, make it BOUNCE, make it POP! Go head! 

Instructions: Simply create and upload original content using the Work Out single by Pariz (available on all streaming platforms) to any social media platform (i.e. TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) using the hashtag #WorkOutChallenge #WorkOut #ParizWorkOutPlan also Tagg @Parizm0702, and Follow.

Complete the Submission (you must complete all steps to be considered for the Cash Prize) where you'll submit the video to your social media content for review. 

Tips: Be Creative. Have Fun. 

Winner Notification and Announcement: It's the Creativity for me. That's how the winning video will be selected. As determined by the GMR Team, the creator of the winning video will be notified via phone and or Social Media (via contact information submitted ) on or about June 14, 2021. 

Prizes: $500 Cash (Worldwide) Kids, Women and Men

Still have questions? Please contact regarding the "$500 WorkOut Competition" video submission contest. 


Thanks to all LETS GET IT!!!!